Wes Beckwith

Wes Beckwith

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First Name * Wes
Last Name * Beckwith
Username * kurv
Country * USA
Languages English



Website www.webservicesdfw.com


my history with 3D does not go back nearly as far as I would like for it to, however I have always been fascinated with visual effects and sound. I remember as a kid in school I would spend more time drawing Tie-Fighters and Raiders than listening to my teachers, which usually resulted in my drawing them in detention. I wound up getting involved with electronics, I think, just because it was available to me. I got my degree in Electronic Engineering and worked in that field for several years. After working with hardware and software at Texas Instruments and various other companies, I found that I had accomplished all I really wanted to in electronics. So I decided to look for something new that would keep me on the cutting edge of technology.

I saw an opportunity to work for Wordware Publishing, a computer book publisher, here in Texas. What better way to be in touch with computers and the software industry then to work for a computer book publisher? It was a unique opportunity, and I was a perfect fit. I had a lot of technical knowledge in the areas many of the authors were working and was able to talk about hardware and software technology with them. I found that helped me to direct them towards creating broader, better books. Getting to work with these brilliant people and learn about new software was incredible.

I was looking for someone to author a book on Game Development and Open GL and found a site talking about 3D and the visual effects industry. I was fascinated and thought, “What a great book series!” I began studying the 3D industry and the players involved and found NewTek. I remember having read a lot about the Video Toaster years earlier while going to a computer hardware convention in Dallas. I remember seeing the incredible system that could edit video, insert 3D and effects, etc. It was funny to cross paths again with the folks who had made that awesome hardware.